There’s been a lot happening in Scott’s Hill! Previous week’s work included inoculating 70 gum logs with shiitake spawn. Should see some action in a couple of months. Began contacting head chefs in town to see who could use some fresh, locally and organically grown shiitakes and have five confirmed so far. We started the greenhouse this week, did a lot of cleanup on the workshop and office buildings, put up new doors on the workshop (painted blue), transported the logs from 4 full maple and gum trees to inoculate with shiitake and oyster mushrooms, and scored a Craigslist deal for 10,000 nursery pots for $cheap…

Landscape fabric down and ground staples
Bottom board (18’w x 30’d)
PVC ground anchors ready to be pounded in
My neighbor Pete for scale (he’s 6’1″)
Got the after-work chill / debris incinerator up. Sunset over the marsh toward Rich Inlet.
Shiitake logs
This is about 20% of the pots. couldn’t fit any more this trip

Next up is the perimeter fence (500′ long and about 65-70 post holes yikes). Going with a horizontal board layout and differing widths so it’s not boring. Oh, and finish the greenhouse. At the same time.

Will have a Bobcat on site in two weeks to grade out the driveway and service roads through the yard. Also to level some areas that are a bit tilted.

Still on track for a June opening with a possible Grand Opening party of some kind. Anybody have a pig cooker?

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